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About Us/History

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MOMS Club® of  Medina - East, OH
The MOMS Club® of Medina – East, OH is a support group for stay-at-home moms in Medina who live east of Rt 3. We have a variety of activities for all members to enjoy and meet during the day when stay-at-home moms need support the most. 

We feel that being a mom should not isolate you. That is what makes the MOMS Club unique -- we offer a variety of activities for moms and children. For meetings, a children’s room is set up with member volunteer babysitters and at activities the children are always welcome!

​The International MOMS Club, a non-profit corporation and a 501 (C)(3) publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS, currently has over 1,500 chapters.  The Medina, Ohio chapter was originally founded in 2002 and included mothers within mailing addresses in Medina and Chippewa Lake.  In 2009, the club grew and "sistered" into two clubs serving Medina, MOMS Club of Medina East and MOMS Club of Medina West.  MOMS Club of Medina East serves those moms with mailing addresses east of S.R. 3, including Wadsworth.  MOMS Club of Medina West serves those moms with mailing addresses west of S.R. 3, including all of Seville.  Hinckley addresses are served by the North Royalton MOMS Club group.

​At-home mothers with children of any age are welcome.  There is no need to leave the group once your children enter school.  We know you still need support as your children grow!
​ For more information, contact our Membership Vice President at

If you are interested in MOMS Club, but live west of Rt 3, please visit for more information.